Tanvir Tabish, Head of Formulation Development for Gene Therapy and Protein Modalities at Takeda

Tanvir Tabish joined Takeda about three years ago and is presently the Head of Formulation Development and Characterisation; Tanvir is currently based in Vienna, Austria. His responsibilities include developing stable formulations for various Gene Therapy and protein based modalities. Prior to joining Takeda, Tanvir worked as an Associate Director, for Beaufour Ipsen, and managed a trans-national Early and Pre-Formulation Development group with members based in Paris and Boston.

The remit of this group was to develop formulations to help with the candidate selection process for small molecules and Biopharmaceuticals. Tanvir has extensive experience of working in the Biopharmaceutical industry having also worked, for 15 years, in the Biopharmaceutical Product Development Division of GlaxoSmithKline. Tanvir has a strong track record of developing formulations for a range of Biopharmaceutical molecules

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