Philippe van Put

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    Chairman of the Nuclear Medicine Awareness Working Group
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Philippe van Put, Chairman of the Nuclear Medicine Awareness Working Group from AIPES

Philippe van Put hold a Master degree in Nuclear Sciences Engineering with a specialty in radiation detection. His graduation work was dedicated to brain imaging by nuclear medicine technic. He hold also a post-university degree in Health Physics and Radiation Protection. He had several expert duties in companies active in the nuclear industry where he served finally as Director of Health Physics product development.

In 2010, he joined IRE ELiT who had the ambition to develop commercial radiopharmaceutical activities. First, he leaded the construction and qualification of an industrial radiopharmacy. Now, he is acting as Business Development Manager. He joined the AIPES (Association of Imaging Producers and Equipment Suppliers) Nuclear Medicine Awarness Working Group in 2012. Since 2017, he is the Chairman of this workgroup.