Niraj Chhaya

About the Speaker
  • Profession
    Risk Management expert for Biosimilars
  • Company
    Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Niraj Chhaya, Risk Management expert for Biosimilars at Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Niraj Chhaya is a Risk Management expert for Biosimilars and Oncology portfolio within Global Pharmacovigilance at Boehringer Ingelheim based out of its corporate office in Ingelheim, Germany. After completing post‐graduation in Internal medicine, he started his career by joining Tertiary Care hospital in Mumbai, India. Apart from clinical practice, he was involved with clinical research as an investigator covering various therapeutic areas.

After a decade of work in hospital setting, Dr. Chhaya joined pharmaceutical industry in 2006. He is associated with the field of biosimilars/biologics since 2010 through his involvement in clinical development, medical monitoring and pharmacovigilance at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Boehringer Ingelheim.