Marion Soto

Marion Soto, PhD, Project leader, LNC Therapeutics

Dr. Marion Soto is leader of a project targeting the gut-brain axis at LNC Therapeutics. After graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, she earned a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Neurobiology in 2014 from AgroParisTech in France. Marion was then a fellow in C. Ronald Kahn Laboratory at Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School.

Marion research at Harvard combined both basic science investigations and translation into clinical research, using several MRI techniques in patients with type 2 diabetes to understand how this pathology affects brain function. Her research interests also focused on how the modulations in microbiome composition associated with type 2 diabetes and obesity lead to insulin resistance in the brain and to defects in metabolism, cognition and behavior. These studies on the interactions between the microbiome and brain function show that the microbiota can regulate neurobehavioral abnormalities relevant to obesity and diabetes.

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