Laurent Dollé, Managing Director at Biothéque Wallonie Bruxelles

Laurent Dollé earned his PhD degree in Cell Biology and Life Sciences from the University of Science and Technologies of Lille (France) in 2003.

He joined then the group of Professor Marc Mareel from the University of Gent in Belgium to become specialist in breast cancer cell invasion and metastasis processes.

After several positions at different Universities or Institutions in Belgium, Laurent has over 16 years of experience working in the Life Sciences field. In 2012, became Assistant Professor at the Free University of Brussels VUB), and developed several skills in stem cells isolation, maintenance and differentiation and was the first to identify liver stem cells from healthy non-manipulated livers by playing with an innovative technique based on Aldehyde dehydrogenase.

Laurent Dollé is currently the Operating Director of BWB (Biobanking Wallonia-Brussels; Belgium), which regroups an impressive number of biobanks whose mission is to create and implement a virtual network to unify and make accessible human materials and associated data managed by the biobanks of Wallonia-Brussels’ territory.

BWB’s services benefit to Big Pharma, pharmaceutical, biotech, in vitro diagnostics and big data companies, and academia. The task is to support biomedical research for the benefit of patients by providing high-quality specimens – among others: blood, sera, tissues (fresh, frozen or FFEP), urine, saliva…- and associated medical and biomolecular data compliant with international quality standards and regulations – so they can be used in a truthful and reproducible manner to leverage your research or to pursue the development of your in vitro diagnostic or laboratory-developed tests peacefully.

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