Jean-Pol Warzée

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    European Scientific League for Probiotics - ESLP 
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Jean-Pol Warzée, President at European Scientific League for Probiotics – ESLP

  • International Conference Probiotics Budapest – ICP 2018
  • Quality control of probiotics and internationalisation of the ESLP initiative
  • Future drugs congress, Shanghaï , 19th July
  • Probiotics in the Paediatrics
  • Pharmabiotics Global conference: Paris France , March 15th – 17th member of the scientific committee, Session’s Chairman
  • Microbiome R&D and business collaboration, Amsterdam The Netherlands, 3 & 4th April
  • Invited speaker “Probiotics Quality Control, the ESLP initiative” & Session Chairman
  • Forum make medicines child size and children drug safty, Bejing – Chine 10 &11 December
  • “Probiotics in Paediatrics “
  • PreProPed Congress, Ghent – 28-30th April : “Probiotics Quality Control, the ESLP initiative
  • Gut-Brain Axis symposium, Karolinska Institut Stockholm : “ special invitation”
  • Pharmabiotics Conference 2015, Paris France , 29-30 October
  • “Session Chairman” & Member of the Scientific Committee
  • National Congress in gerontology & geriatrics Oct 2016, Liège Belgium “Lactobacilles rhamnosus VES-001, innovating treatment of oral candidosis ?”
  • 8th EMAAnti-aging Congress, Paris , 12-14 October 2012
  • “Probiotics in the Gyanecology & Obstetrics”
  • National Congress of the Russian Association of Gynaeco-Obstetrics, Moscow, 26 – 28 Feb. 2014 “New perspectives with Lactobacillus crispatus in Female Health”


  • Clinical Nutrition ESPEN 2018 Probiotics in cystic fibrosis patients: A double blind crossover placebo controlled study: Pilot study from the ESPGHAN Working Group on Pancreas/CF;
  • WGO GAT International conference, December 2018 Bangkok Randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial evaluating the effect of Fructo-Oligosaccharide-Associated FOS Bifidobacteria supplementation on stool frequency and biological markers of bowel function in seniors with low defecation rates per week
  • European Cystic Fibrosis Society, 40th Conference, June 2017 Sevilla – Spain Probiotics in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients: a double blind cross-over study
  • Vaginitis & low urinary tracts infections by Female M. Pietteur editions, Belgium 2010
  • Female Health
  • M. Pietteur editions , Belgium 2010
  • Probiotics in the Paediatrics LEN Médical – Paris France 2014