Françoise Farace

Françoise Farace, Head of the translational laboratory of rare circulating cells, CNRS UMS3655 – INSERM US23 AMMICA, head of circulating tumor cell team INSERM U981

Françoise Farace is currently in charge of the Translational Laboratory of Rare Circulating Cells at CNRS UMS3655 – INSERM US23 AMMICA, and of the Circulating Tumor Cells team at INSERM U981, Gustave Roussy. FF has obtained a PhD degree in Pharmacology at Paris University VI, and HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) at Paris University XI. FF has been in charge of several programs in immunotherapy, gene and cellular therapy at Gustave Roussy. From 2002 to 2005, FF was President of the board and R &D Director of the Biotech company “C.I.L Technologies” (Free University of Brussels).

For the past fourteen years, FF focused her research on rare circulating cells such as circulating endothelial cells and circulating tumor cells with the goal of identifying both sensitivity and resistance biomarkers of anticancer therapies. FF has authored over 90 peer-reviewed publications.

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