Andreu Soldevila

Andreu Soldevila

Dr Andreu Soldevila, Founder of Leanbio

Dr Andreu Soldevila is the founder and CEO of Leanbio and Co-founder and CEO of Syna therapeutics, companies dedicated to Biotherapeutics development, manufacture and commercialization. Leanbio is a CDMO founded in 2014 dedicated to both New Biologic entities and Biosimilars, whereas Syna Therapeutics is a Biotherapeutics Developer, founded in 2017 and currently has two products in the pipeline.

Andreu Developed as a professional in the field of Biotechnology for the last 20 years, moving from initial applied research to CMC regulatory activities, holding Bioanalysis Head of department at a multinantional company, Head of R&D in a CMO and current CEO positions.

Dr. Soldevila was responsible for a variety of technological achievements related to new microbial and mammalian expression Systems and platform for multiplex absolute quantitation of proteins by LC-MS/MS bottom up approach at picomolar levels with proven capacity to be applied at discovery, development and manufacture of recombinant proteins and for (non)-clinical trials. In the last 10 years participated in numerous biotherapeutics projects, including 6 Biosimilar products, one of them already submitted for Market authorization license.

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