Dr. Andreas Seidl, Chief Operating Officer at Leukocare AG

Andreas Seidl is a chemist by training and got his PhD from the University of Constance/Germany in the area of protein analytics and mass spectrometry. Since April 2019 he is Chief Operating Officer of LEUKOCARE AG, a Munich based biotech companying providing innovative formulation development approaches. In this role he is responsible for R&D activities, IP and quality management. Before he held different positions at Novartis in analytical & pharmaceutical development, analytical characterization and quality control of biopharmaceuticals: As Head Global Analytical Characterization & Bioanalytics Andreas Seidl was responsible for characterization and comparability/similarity activities for all biosimilar projects of Sandoz/Novartis.

He developed concepts for demonstration of physicochemical and biological comparability of biosimilars in comparison with their originator or reference products as well as after process changes. In the early days of biosimilars he coordinated the pioneering analytical and pharmaceutical development of the first complex biosimilar Binocrit® (INN: epoetin alfa) which gained market approval in the European Union by EMA/EC in 2007 and is since then working on the development of the next wave of biosimilars such as mAbs and fusion proteins. In recent years he contributed to the approval of biosimilar versions of adalimumab, rituximab, infliximab, etanercept, filgrastim and peg-filgrastim. A special focus area of his scientific work is the investigation of aggregation and particle formation phenomena and the impact on immunogenicity.

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