NGS & Biostatistics 2018


On 29 & 30 October 2018, New York (USA) will host the BioTech Pharma Summit: NGS & Biostatistics 2018 conference. Over 150+ participants gathered in New York, US for NGS & Biostatistics 2018 conference to investigate the expanding applications of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and hear unique perspectives from a variety of researchers, engineers, biostatisticians, and software developers involved in NGS data analysis.

NGS & Biostatistics 2018 investigates the expanding applications of NGS. Learn from experienced researchers from large sequencing centers, core laboratories, and specialized groups as they share their practical knowledge, real-world experiences and solutions.

Over the past decade, advances in sequencing technology and significant cost reductions have been instrumental in transforming and progressing medical research. Around the world scientists are continuing to develop new sequencing techniques, tools and methods of analysis, and subsequently discovering new applications across a range of medical research disciplines. NGS has already revolutionised the way genomics research is conducted, and with the advent of new methods such as nanopore, it is an exciting time to be in the field.

Interactive networking forum to both further develop and answer your queries through a vibrant exhibition room full of technology providers showcasing their technologies and other solutions. Join us at the NGS & Biostatistics 2018 in New York


The BioTech Pharma Summit: NGS & Biostatistics 2018 will focus on the technology and it’s application to healthcare, the congress is designed to help you discover how your peers are using different technologies, the challenges they face and the solutions they have developed to overcome them.



  • What’s Next in Sequencing Platforms?
  • Upcoming challenges and solutions for Data storage and management
  • Processing and Integration of NGS data
  • RNA-Seq
  • Methods and tools for Interpretation and analysis
  • New area of application of NGS data-diagnostics and immuno-oncology
  • Standardization and benchmarking of NGS tools and soft wares
  • Genome analysis
  • Nanopore Sequencing
  • Mutation detection in circulating tumour DNA
  • Bioelectronics applications with nanostructures
  • Exploiting NGS for clinical individualized neoantigen cancer vaccines
  • Methylation-sensitive profiling of genomic CpG sites using TOP-seq
  • The clinical interface between precision medicine and the gastroenterologist
  • mRNA capture sequencing enabled liquid biopsy screening
  • Non-coding DNA to complex diseases and cancer
  • Personalized detection of circulatory tumor DNA mutations for cancer recurrence monitoring
  • Automating Analysis of Nucleic Acids
  • Microfluidic applications in single cell RNA sequencing
  • Massively parallel single cell immune sequencing for immunotherapy discovery
  • Population scale sequencing by cost- efficient targeted NGS
  • Assembly’s Role in Gene Annotation
  • Conquering the Cancer Genome
  • Third generation sequencing tools and data generated from them


The BioTech Pharma Summit (EPM Group) are exclusive events consisting of world-class keynote addresses and presentations designed specifically for senior level attendees from research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions and hospital laboratories as well as major pharmaceutical and biotech companies based Worldwide. Delegates typically include CEOs, VPs, Drug developers, Academics and Researchers, CROs, Scientists and Medical Doctors of:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • Computational Biology
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Computational medicine
  • Biomedical informatics
  • Computer science
  • Systems biology
  • Metagenomics
  • Microbial genomics
  • Clinical development
  • Research and development
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