Neoantigen 2018


On 06 & 07 December 2018, Boston (USA) will host the BioTech Pharma Summit: Neoantigen 2018 conference. This year’s event will bring together the pioneers supercharging immunotherapy and vaccine development to share key clinical data and insights from sample acquisition, all the way through to vaccine manufacturing and getting a product to market.

Hear the latest clinical updates from pioneers in this field and define your commercialization roadmap to achieve future regulatory success, scale manufacturing and ensure enhanced clinical efficacy.

Increasing the number of patients that respond successfully to cancer immunotherapies is the next big step in the fight against cancer. Recent studies have shown that the more tumor-specific mutations, or neoantigens, the cancer cells have, the greater the chance that the tumor will not be tolerated by the immune system. With increasing access to next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, cancer researchers are scouring the tumor genome, including the mutanome, to find new therapies.

At the Neoantigen 2018, receive clinical updates on current programs, regulations for individualized products and scaling down manufacture for personalized therapeutics.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Neoantigen 2018 is the dedicated end-to-end industry focused meeting ensuring the supercharging of immunotherapies and cancer vaccines to bring truly individualized therapies to patients in need. Join us as the industry seeks to demonstrate significant clinical proof of concept and ensure you and the key stakeholders can make the scientific, clinical and commercial decisions needed to bring these therapies market.


  • Neo-Antigens in Cancer Immunotherapy: Past, Present & Future
  • Identifying immunogenic neoantigens – bioinformatic approaches
  • Clinical Applications – Antibodies and Cancer Vaccines
  • Insights from the Tumor Neoantigen Selection Alliance
  • Immunogenic Determinants of Tumor Neoantigens
  • Technologies for Personalized T Cell Receptor Engineered Cancer Immunotherapies
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Neoantigens as Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Immunotherapeutic Responses to Cancer Neoantigens
  • Comprehensive Discovery of Tumor Antigens
  • Targeting a Novel Neoantigen
  • A personalized neoantigen vaccine in patients with high risk melanoma


The BioTech Pharma Summit (EPM Group) are exclusive events consisting of world-class keynote addresses and presentations designed specifically for senior level attendees from research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions and hospital laboratories as well as major pharmaceutical and biotech companies based Worldwide. Delegates typically include CEOs, VPs, Drug developers, Academics and Researchers, CROs, Scientists and Medical Doctors of:

  • R&D
  • Neoantigen
  • Research & Product Development
  • Bioinformatics
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Experimental Therapeutics
  • Development Scientist
  • Lab Head Scientist
  • Business Development
  • Translational Immuno-Oncology
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Immunology
  • Clinical Trial
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Clinical Development
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