Gut-Brain Axis 2018


On 06 & 07 September 2018, Paris will host the BioTech Pharma Summit: Gut-Brain Axis 2018 conference. This year’s event brings together leading scientists, physicians, and senior leaders to explore the brain and its engagement with the GI-nervous system axis in health and disease.

With 20+ expert speakers, 15+ case studies demonstrating disease causation of the gut-brain axis

The ability of gut microbiota to communicate with the brain is emerging as an exciting concept in health and disease. Mounting evidence, mostly from rodent studies, suggests that gut microbes help shape normal neural development, brain biochemistry, and behaviour.

The Gut-Brain Axis 2018 is set to be the “must-attend” meeting for anyone interested in unlocking the potential of the gut-brain axis, and translating it into safe, effective and commercially viable therapeutics.


The BioTech Pharma Summit: Gut-Brain Axis 2018 will be dedicated to help large pharma, biotech, academics and clinicians exploring and understand the GBA in demonstrating disease causation.



  • Effectively understand and manipulate the Gut-Brain Axis
  • Learn about the microbiota and their metabolites and neurotransmitters production
  • The impact of environment and age on shaping our individual microbiota
  • Discover tools and technologies to help investigate the GBA
  • Build predictive pre-clinical models in the gut-brain axis
  • Role that the GI microbiome plays in modulating the immune system and the GI-brain axis.
  • Current options for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative, metabolic and autoimmune disorders
  • The importance of the gut–brain axis in emotional, behavioral and development disorders
  • Stress related bowel disease: gut-brain axis in IBD and IBS
  • Develop commercially viable therapeutics and nutritional products
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and psychobiotics


The BioTech Pharma Summit (EPM Group) are exclusive events designed for senior level attendees from leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, CRO and solution provider companies, along with highly esteemed members of academic and government institutions. CEOs, VPs, Drug developers, Academics and Researchers, CROs, Scientists and Medical Doctors including:

  • Professors
  • Medical Immunology and Microbiology
  • Medical Advisor
  • Neuroscientist
  • Integrative & Experimental Pathology
  • Drug Discovery
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medicinal Chemistry & CMC
  • Associate Research Director
  • Strategy & Business
  • IVD Assay Development
  • Safety Risk Lead
  • Preclinical Group Leader
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Information Manager
  • Research Investigator
  • Physiologists
  • Scientific Project Leader
  • Head Search & Evaluation Neuroscience
  • Molecular Toxicology
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Laboratory Director
  • Modeling and Data Specialist
  • Microbiome and Lipid Biology
  • Genome Editing


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Serguei Fetissov
Professor of physiology at Rouen University and co-founder of TargEDys
Martha Welch
Director of the Nurture Science Program in Pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center
Ted Dinan
Professor of Psychiatry and a Principal Investigator in the APC Microbiome Institute
Calltech and Co-Founder Axial Biotherapeutics
George Weinstock
Professor, Director of Microbial Genomics at Jackson Laboratory
Marion Soto
Project leader at LNC Therapeutics
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Event: Gut-Brain Axis 2018

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Travel Valid Period: 01/09/2018 to 12/09/2018

Event location: PARIS

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