Bioprocessing & Cell Culture 2018


On 08 & 09 November 2018, Hong Kong will host the BioTech Pharma Summit: Bioprocessing & Cell Culture 2018. This meeting explores today’s evolving strategies and technologies for improving mammalian cell cultivation, including omics technologies and synthetic biology. Industry experts offer insights into optimizing conditions as well as cell biology in an effort to improve yield, while also addressing the future of cell culture in an expanding market where standards of quality continue to rise.

Over 200 delegates representing leading biotech companies, global pharma organisations and internationally renowned academic institutions at the Bioprocessing & Cell Culture 2018

Cellular therapies hold the potential to revolutionize health care for a variety of diseases. However, the limitations lie in the productivity of engineered cells and the safe, efficacious and cost effective transformation of commercialized cell therapies. The industry is yet to address certain gaps relating to these limitations that will facilitate clinical and commercial success of these therapies.

Over 20 presentations, case studies and panel discussions focused on the key issues in cell line optimisation, process development and biological production


The aim of the BioTech Pharma Summit: Bioprocessing & Cell Culture 2018 is  is to assess the risks and benefits of the cell culture and cell therapy bio-manufacturing by focusing in particular on the feasibility of process automation: its impact on regulatory compliance and return on investment.



  • Fermentation technologies
  • Device technologies for bioprocessing of cell culture
  • Next generation cellular models
  • Cell Therapy CMC, Quality & Analytics
  • Nano methods to target cancer cells
  • Nano micro fluids in cell therapy
  • Pros & cons of molecular manufacturing
  • Optimization of cell culture process
  • Closed system manufacturing of cells
  • Process development for next generation bio-therapeutics
  • Ex-vivo gene therapy application
  • Compatibility and stability of cell therapy products
  • Automation process development and control
  • C-GMP compliance guidelines
  • FDA approvals and regulatory policies
  • Commercialized view of bioprocessing
  • Insurance and reinvestment policies


The BioTech Pharma Summit (EPM Group) are exclusive events designed for senior level attendees from leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, CRO and solution provider companies, along with highly esteemed members of academic and government institutions. Delegates typically include CEO, VPs, Directors and Global Heads of:

  • Cell Line Engineering
  • Perfusion Technologies
  • Molecular Cell Biology
  • High Throughput Analytics
  • Genome Editing
  • In Vitro Tissue Models
  • Stem Cell Culture
  • Regulatory Affairs Biologics
  • Technology Transfer
  • Bioprocessing
  • Analytical Biochemistry
  • Quality Control
  • Cell Culture
  • Biologics Manufacturing
  • Upstream Processing
  • CMC Biologics
  • Biological Process Development
  • Cell Line Characterisation
  • Metabolic Profiling
  • Process Engineering
  • Drug Discovery
  • Cell Banking
  • Downstream Processing
  • Technology Transfer
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