EPMGroup is a unique company that promotes global summits, conferences, B2B (business-to-business) meetings, seminars, workshops and develops collaborations between all enterprises in order to promote business development in all areas.

Our team of professionals and experts provides information focused on business strategies that will encourage the competitive advantage of our clients at which they achieve their objectives. EPM team maintains the highest standards of quality and service in research, technology and product development.

EPM Group events are carefully designed to answer critical aspects of business development and followed by in-depth research analysis that complies with the current market and business leaders’ needs. The goal of our events is to implement new strategies and increase your experience and professional skills by networking, benchmarking and generating insights from industry leaders.

EPM Group is a strategic, creative, one-stop shop for comprehensive meeting, event planning & producing

Our event specialists have unparalleled connections and partnerships all over the world. We are comprised of a dynamic team, whose members are business development consultants as well as marketing directors with strong backgrounds in first line companies.

New trends, Innovations, Modern technologies, New products, Emerging topics are generated for senior level executives to provide a cutting edge of business information and maximum return of investment for our clients from different areas, such as Pharmaceutical, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Supply Chain and Infrastructure.

Our goal is to become a top event company of designing, producing and delivering highly conceptual and fully integrated events.

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